HS Productions Latest Film, The Real Exorcist to be Released in Limited Markets on August 7th,, 2020!

“The Real Exorcist” has been #1 at the weekend box office in Japan for 5 consecutive weeks after its release in May 18, 2020. Also, the film has received 46 awards in seven countries including Best Feature Film at the Monaco International Film Festival, and Gold Remi Award in 53rd WorldFest Houston International Film Festival.

This film will be in the following markets on August 7th: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orange County, San Francisco, Atlanta, Tampa, and Honolulu. The film be available to rent and own on DVD and North American digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms through Freestyle Digital Media on September 1st.

Set in Toyko, one of the most historic, yet technologically progressive, metropolitans around the globe, “The Real Exorcist” follows Sayuri, a young waitress serving exceptional coffee, part-time, at an off-the-beaten-path café, Extra. Tucked away in the most mystical city in the world, where spiritual spots are found in the most unexpected places, Extra is no exception, and nor is Sayuri. It turns out that the customers come to the café for more than the expertly brewed coffee, they also secretly come seeking her consultation using her psychic power. Touching on the classic themes of ‘good vs. evil,’ Sayuri touches the hearts of the people and assists them in showing them the way to the truth.

For more information, RealExorcistMovie.com!